Different Types of Diet Pills For Women

One of my friends shared with me how frustrated she was when one day after few months of giving birth, out of nowhere her daughter told her that she has grown bigger and that her arms are just like that of a swimmer, big and wide. Hearing that comment, nothing can really ever be so depressing.  Good thing she did not have the post-partum syndrome. However, this made her feel the need to take diet pills to immediately get rid of those unwanted fats; making her look pleasant in the eye of her daughter and get back that old self confidence she has.

There are number of available over the counter diet pills and what is the best for her is yet to find out.  In weight loss therapy, there are three commonly used types of drug.   

1.    Sibutramine
2.    Norepinephrine
3.    Stimulant
4.    Orlistat

Sibutramine also known as Meridia is in charge of increasing the level of serotonin which is responsible in making us feel full. Norepinephrine and the stimulant works together to influence the nervous system and reduce the appetite.  Orlistat on the other hand, prevents the absorption of the fats in the gut.  It is still very important for a person to limit the intake of calorie because no matter how those weight loss pills works, they can only help in decreasing the weight if proper diet is observed.

While there are many drugs used for the weight loss, it also corresponds to different side effects.  Each kind of drugs has its own consequences. Pulmonary hypertension, increased blood pressure,  and pulse and heart rate, sporadic and possibly fatal ailment because of high blood pressure in arteries of the lungs, restlessness, valvular heart disease, insomnia, dizziness, constipation and dry mouth are some of the side effects of the stimulant based diet pills. Consequently, Sibutramine weight loss pills can cause sore throat, headache, insomnia, anorexia, runny nose, dry mouth and constipation.  Lastly, oily stools, flatulence, diarrhea, lower absorption of fat-soluble vitamin and gas are the side effects of orlistat.

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Just like in any medication, it is best to visit your doctor before starting taking any of the weight loss pills.  A family doctor who knows your medical history will be the best as they are fully aware of any medical conditions, drug allergies and the possible reaction of the diet pills when taken with the current medication being used.  In addition, it is not advisable for any woman trying to become pregnant, nursing currently pregnant to take any of the mentioned weight loss pills because it will have adverse effect not only to the mom but to the baby as well. There are so many weight loss pills on the market but to know which is the best visit and choose the best one for you.

While all of these quick diet pills remedy seem to be effective, there is still no safest way to achieve a healthy body both inside and out by eating healthy non fatty foods.  Avoiding oily foods and preservatives could also make a drastic change in an overweight person when taken in adequate amount.